Christmas Feels // DIY Gift Wrap & Ideas

I may have put up my Christmas tree two weeks before Thanksgiving, but I couldn't resist creating the holiday feels in the new house. I bought this tree on sale last year after Christmas when the store was getting rid of all their holiday decor. All the decor linked above are currently 40% off.  My favorites are the "snow covered" ones because it brightens up any room and makes it look like the "white Christmas" everyone always wants.

I also decided to "DIY" my gift wrap this year, making my own textured version and adding some fun accents. 


• A bushel of pine fir [I chose fake over the real kind - prevents having to clean up]

• Roll of twine

• White / Brown paper rolls [you can also use recycled grocery paper bags]

I textured some of the paper as if I were balling up a piece of paper enough times so that it became malleable and soft. I flattened it out and wrapped the gift box in it. After wrapping all the gifts with paper, I strategically wrapped every one with twine - no real pattern but making sure each one was wrapped differently [look above for reference if you like the way I did mine]. Lastly, I cut the fir and tied it using additional twine. If it sounds confusing - be sure to check out my DIY highlights on instagram - HERE to see the video!

I love DIYs, so for the holidays we decided to gift the family a "Cleveland In A Box" with all the things we love from the city. Items we included were Humprey's Popcorn, Bertman's Mustard, Inca Tea, Winking Lizard BBQ Sauce, and O'Malley's Chocolate Bar. I bought a 10 X 10 paper box and shredded paper and voila! This is a great idea and can be done with pretty much any person's favorites. 

I hope you like my decor and if you have any questions, let me know below! Don't forget - videos are up under the DIY Highlights on my instagram!


  1. Love the decor and the way that you wrapped all of these gifts <3 :) Can't wait for Christmas too! It's my favorite season ever!

    XO, Elizabeth T.

  2. So pretty! For sure #wrappinggoals! I'm always impressed when folks have a lovely theme for their wrapping. Mine are always a mish-mash of different papers and gift bags.


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