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Meet my friend and fellow fashion blogger Sandy from ChicStylingsBlog.com! She hails from beautiful Canada. Just like me, Sandy has a passion for food, travel, and fashion. These three loves is how we easily clicked and have been friends ever since! I love Sandy’s comfortable style with a side of modern chic. I'm obsessed with every outfit/piece she shares! Her eye for detail and latest trends makes her one of my favorites for fashion inspiration.

Q&A with Sandy


What do you enjoy the most about being a blogger?
Building relationships has truly been the best part of my Instagram and blogging journey thus far! The most rewarding part of being a blogger is being able to engage from the heart and being in honest community. I've met so many wonderful people from connecting with them through my passion for fashion and life. There's nothing better than positively encouraging, influencing and impacting someone's life by being in relationship with them through my blogging!

What is the biggest challenge of blogging?
My biggest challenge as a blogger is time management. I juggle blogging with being a mommy and having another job by day. My struggle is losing track of time while blogging. I get into this “zone” of focus and it is so hard for my mind to break-free in order to tend to my other responsibilities. This became a big problem for me so I needed to put a structure in place and make a schedule. Once I budgeted and allocated certain time slots throughout the day/week for blogging it become much more manageable. Most of my blogging work is done on the weekends - from photoshoots and editing photos to planning my grid, captions and hashtags. By Sunday night, I aim to have my posts for the whole upcoming week all ready to go so I don’t need to worry about it while I’m at work during the day and when I want and need to tend to the rest of my life at night.


How would you describe your style?
I would describe my style as clean and simple with a combination of classic and trendy flare. I love all things in neutral colors which means you will find endless shades of grey in my wardrobe but I will occasionally add a pop of color.

What is your favorite season of the year for fashion and why?
Fall is my favorite season. I'm all about layers and fall is the perfect season to layer a cardigan, sweater, moto jackets are scarves over your outfit. Fall is really my excuse to wear multiple fashion pieces all at once in the cool comfortable weather while being surrounded by the beautifully colored autumn leaves.


If you had to eat one cuisine for the rest of your life, what would it be?
Japanese! I love everything about Japanese cuisine from the sushi and sashimi to the izakaya, gyoza, tempura and green tea ice cream!

For Snacks, do you prefer savory or sweet?
Savory - I have a weakness for salt & vinegar potato chips and but pretty much any intense flavour will do!


Favorite North American city to travel?
My favourite place is anywhere in California. Not only is the climate beautiful all year long, this beautiful state offers the best variety of lifestyles, big city, small town, beach town, desert, wine country and everything else in between. And last but not least, the endless shopping and culinary experiences offered in California is more than enough to satisfy any fashion and lifestyle blogger's appetite!

Top 3 travel essentials?

  1.  My phone/camera and a good roaming plan. Travelling means being able to snap pictures everywhere I go and staying connected so I can upload an inspirational instagram or blog post at a moments notice.

  2. Face wipes - travelling light is important to me but my toiletry bag tends to weigh me down and get overstuffed with all those liquids, creams and gels. I now only bring cleansing wipes which cuts down on the size if my toiletry bag. I also keep a stash in my everyday purse during excursions for when I need a quick clean & wipe to freshen up!

  3. Flip flops - I'm not much of a socks with shoes person and I like comfortable feet whether sitting or just walking around so I like to have a pair of flip flops handy. Not only for sunny destinations, but for when I need to be out and about even while indoors or out. I especially like keeping a pair in my carry-on bag to change into to keep my feet comfy during a flight or a long layover at an airport.

For more about Sandy, subscribe to her blog www.chicstylingsblog.com and follow her @chic_stylings on Instagram.


  1. Jasper, thank you so much for the feature! I’m so grateful for our friendship! 💋

  2. Me too Sandy! You are amazing and so glad we met!


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