If all my posts haven't made it obvious, I travel for food. Don't get me wrong, I LOVE seeing the amazing sights but I judge any city I visit and create my itinerary on where to eat. My secret weapon to the most delicious spots? Yelp and if I have friends who live in the area, I take their recommendations. I've been doing this for years and it hasn't disappointed me yet!

Let's be honest though, anyone who visits New York City will never leave hungry. The array of choices and spectrum of taste bud worthy places are infinite. After my extensive research and visit, I've listed my favorite places in the Big Apple.

Starting off with desserts because it's the best part of the meal and if I could live on sweets alone, I would!


SWEET MOMENT - One of my two favorite places to go for treats! I got the Melon Bingsoo, OMG!! Not only is it instagram worthy, but it was the perfect mix of creamy shaved ice and fresh honeydew melon [honeydew is my favorite fruit when it comes to asian treats]. It was perfect, not too sweet and includes lychee and mixed fruit jelly. In addition to Bingsoo, they also serve waffles and lattes. Below, you can see my taro flavored cream art. It's served cold, not your conventional drink, but adorable in presentation and delicious!

TAIYAKI NYC - Let me start off by saying, anything served in a fished shaped pancake cone is a winner! Taiyaki is a Japanese cake that can be filled with anything you'd like [there are no rules, I usually get nutella]. This place kicks it up a notch by topping it with soft serve ice-cream, sprinkles, mochi, you name it! I ordered the Unicorn Taiyaki, it comes fully equipped with strawberry soft serve, colorful sprinkles, pink ears, and a golden horn. IT WAS AMAZING! If you only take one recommendation from me, it has to be this one!

MILK & CREAM CEREAL BAR - More conventional than my previous two recommendations. If you love cereal with your ice-cream [which I do, fruitty pebbles please!], then this is your place. The exterior design of this spot pays homage to the signature stripes and sign of the 1950s ice-cream trucks.

My other recommendations include:

10 BELOW ICE-CREAM - Waffle cones shaped like a taco with rolled up ice-cream frozen by nitrogen.

WOWFULLS - Yummy egg shaped waffle cones with a traditional scoop of ice-cream.

NEW TERRITORIES - Similar to Le Mervetty in Beverly Hills, they serve your smorgasboard dessert in a mason jar while overflowing on all sides!

COFFEE PROJECT - Hubby really liked their coffee and the menu offers a "deconstructed" latte that separates your drink into three flights. Really cool experience!

VHH FOODS - In Dumbo, Brooklyn and serves Tandem coffee. I don't drink coffee but Aaron loved it. Their food was delicious for breakfast - get the avocado toast and the egg sandwich with bacon. You won't be disappointed!

CHA CHA - A cafe that serves everything matcha! I wish we had this at home! The place was very colorful, decorated in all things pink and green - reminded me of the rich colors you'd see in a 1950's tropical vacation [Lol, well I can vividly see it in my head so..]. They also have non-dairy and gluten free options! I got a matcha latte with almond milk and a strawberry cronut [IT IS THE BEST DONUT I'VE EVER HAD!].


CHICKPEA - I got the rolled falafel, baba ghanoush, and every filling you can think of. As you can tell, I'm not a picky eater. The perfect lunch when you're starving and need something epic to eat after getting off the plane.

CHIKARASHI - A little pricey, but so worth it for the serving they give you. Fresh fish and is the best poke bowl I've had so far. Also, the sticky rice they serve was on point! I judge asian restaurants based on their rice and this place is the best I've had, even better than my mom's [shhhh!]. I got the Unagi and hubby got the Ponzu Salmon.

KAME RAMEN - The perfect ramen spot for a chilly night in the city. Hubby got the chicken ramen and I got the spicy tonkotsu ramen. The broth and noodles were delicious! Usually at ramen places, the food is really salty, but this place was on point!

RED FARM - This place had really good and authentic asian dishes, from crispy beef to shumai! They don;t take reservations and can sometimes have a 3 hour wait. I would say this is good for a party of two, any more would lead you to being hangry.

FIASCHETTERIA PISTOIA - I definitely did not expect to find this anywhere but Florence, but this place was amazing in all aspects and deserves 5 stars! Every single dish from the prosciutto to my creamy spinach gnocchi was to die for! What do you expect when during dinner you could see the guy in the back pasta table making the noodles from scratch for the dishes that night!

PETER LUGER'S STEAKHOUSE - Established in 1887 and has perfected steaks and burgers. Even before it opened there was already fift people waiting outside for lunch [yes, lunch! Not even dinner]. If you want to make reservations, know that they're booked six weeks out. Also, if you get dessert, choose the sundae with their homemade whip cream.

MCSORLEY'S ALE HOUSE - The oldest saloon in NYC, was frequented by President Lincoln and Grant. That's old! It's a place to get a pint of beer and fish n' chips. So cheap too! Cash only.

All this blogging about food makes me want to go back while I still have time! Hope you enjoy tasting what these places have to offer as much as I do. Just know that calories are included. Let me know which ones you went to and what you ordered!


  1. Omg, I can't get over that first ice cream! It looks like a dream. My goal is to travel to each state for food lol. Looks like you had a great time!

  2. Lol! That's an amazing goal and sounds like a dream! Where to next?


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