Best Eats In Paris // Military Jacket + Ankle Booties

Military Jacket - sz XS // FOREVER 21 • Stripe Long Sleeve Blouse - sz XS // BANANA REPUBLIC [SIMILAR 1] • Zipper Ankle Jeans, sz 12 kids // ZARA • Ankle Boots - sz 5.5 // SPERRY  • Quilt Cross Body // SIMILAR 1

Everyone has been asking me all about Paris, especially where to eat! If you know me, I am a total foodie and have a serious sweet tooth. So with all the requests, I've decided to do my first food post and share all the delicious places that I went to during my trip to the City of Love. All I have to say is make sure to be comfortable and wear loose clothing [hence my go-to outfit above] - all the deliciousness will sure to make you pop!

BERTHILLON - Starting with the creme de la creme, this flavorful gelato spot has been a staple piece in Paris. It is THE best gelato I have ever HAD. This is a credible recommendation, since I literally eat ice-cream for meals. Don't go to Paris and miss this, you will regret it. My favorite flavor to get is hazelnut and pistachio! The flavors will never taste the same anywhere else once you've had it here.

ANGELINA - The prettiest flat lay you ever did see. The one thing to get here is their hot chocolate, warning though it's VERY rich and thick. I would share with whoever is willing to get a sugar high with you. The desserts are as pretty as they are delicious! We got the fancy Bianca, gold leaves and raspberries atop creamy mouse and the classic puff pastry, caramelized with vanilla bourbon mouse. Be sure to go to the Luxembourg Garden location so you can enjoy the views from their patio as you enjoy your dessert!

AMORINO - Although they may have this gelato shop in the states, it tastes so much better when you're on vacation and in Paris! Since this was fifty feet from our AirBNB, I made sure we stopped by every night for our daily scoop. Make sure you ask them to make your gelato into a flower [below], because what you eat deserves to be pretty! Our favorite flavors were coffee, pistachio, strawberry, and amarena. My mom was also obsessed with their affogato [expresso shot + gelato, you can choose the flavor!].

KODAWARI RAMEN - I love croissants, bread, and carbs as much as the next girl, but sometimes you just need to change it up.. We stumbled upon this ramen restaurant on Yelp. It was literally across the small street from our AirBNB and was HEAVEN! When you walk in it looks like you just went through a loop hole and stepped into Tokyo. They even have street sounds that make it feel like you're eating at a ramen take-a-way, popular in many asian countries. We went back twice and one time there was a long line to get into the restaurant. Definitely get any ramen and their BBQ meat and rice appetizer. Every dish was mouth watering!

LE MANDARIN - I know what you're thinking, why did they keep going to asian restaurants in Paris?! Two reasons - my mom had a craving and two, they were willing to speak English! I had awkward dinners in Paris on my last visit where the waiter did not/refused to speak in English even when we tried to speak French. The staff/owners were so nice and hospitable!! We even went for a second time [yes, we're repeat offenders when we find a delicious place] and got take out to eat al fresco at Pont Neuf.

PAUL BOULANGERIE - I'm going to be honest, I made sure where we stayed was surrounded by food. What can I say, I'm a fat kid at heart. Paul is like Panera, but with the freshest baked goods and pastries you've ever had. This is where we got our morning croissants [a must! also try their almond one]. 

L'AS DU FALLAFEL - OMG, I have been craving this since my first visit to Paris three years ago! The line is never ending and all day, even when they have three storefronts within ten feet of each other. I always get the vegetable with extra eggplant and tzatziki sauce. My sister said she even had a dream about it and needed to go back pronto. Lol.

If you're looking to avoid overspending on meals, these are all the spots I like to go to every time I visit and have never been disappointe. I hope you enjoy every single bite and know that I'll be sitting here in jealousy.


  1. Great read! That ice cream looked delicious and I love your basic look (totally right up my alley!)


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