A Boston Kind Of Day // Polkadot Dress + Old City Views

Embroidered Polkadot Drop Waist Dress - sz S, Tailored // VERY J [SIMILAR 1, SIMILAR 2] • Sandal Wedges - sz 5 // FOREVER 21 [SIMILAR 1, SIMILAR 2 - EXTRA 20% off!] • Minuit Rose Gold 33mm // CLUSE

Being that hubby and I have never been to Boston, what better holiday than to go during Independence Day?! Obviously knowing me, I had an activity packed itinerary full of sightseeing and a lot of walking. I decided to wear this pretty little polkadot drop waist dress as we traveled, because I wanted to just drop off our bags at the hotel and go. It's a comfortable loose-fitting piece with an embroidered detailed hem and perfect to stay cool in [Boston was hot with 88 degree weather!]. Being that it was summer and I wanted to keep with the mood, I paired it with the best wedges money can buy [a total deal at Forever 21 for $10 - SIMILAR 1, SIMILAR 2]. Be surprised when I say I walked 7.6 miles in this outfit [not kidding, my fitbit says so]! Yes, some may say I'm a very ambitious girl.

Embroidered Polkadot Drop Waist Dress - sz S, Tailored // VERY J [SIMILAR 1, SIMILAR 2] • Sandal Wedges - sz 5 // FOREVER 21 [SIMILAR 1, SIMILAR 2- EXTRA 20% off!] • Minuit Rose Gold 33mm // CLUSE

Our first stop and the backyard of our hotel was the Boston Commons and Boston Public Gardens. As you walk in you see kids playing in the 'duck pond', a shallow fountain that turns into an ideal skating rink during winter, and food vendors fully equipped to satiate your hunger and thirst. Walk further and you'll reach Swan Lake, where you'll see the swans floating in the water next to boats shaped the same and full of tourists.

The Gardens have numerous historical statues, including Paul Revere and vibrant colored flowers and manicured greenery.  Past the gardens, you'll reach Commonwealth Avenue and find a mile long grass walk through. Head north and you'll find yourself in Beacon Hill.

Beacon Hill is a well preserved version of what a New England town on the coast would have looked like in the 19th century. I loved seeing the tree lined hilly streets, small walkways, and street gas lamps. The views were lovely on top of any corner and you can even stop by Acorn Street to see the cobble stone road [I wonder how people actually walked on it let alone got a horse carriage through].

During our tour, we decided to stop at Anna's Taqueria for lunch. They had such delicious burritos with fresh ingredients and sinfully sweet watermelon frescas and horchata. 

Our next stop was the Boston Public Library in Copley Square. I honestly felt like we weren't in a library at all, as you walk in you see a grand staircase made of marble, two lion statues, and a chandelier three times the size of me. Go up to the second floor and you'll find the Bates Hall, with its beautiful masoned ceilings and long wooden tables lit with green shaded lamps. Hubby couldn't resist KeePiece-ing [yes, that's a verb] and urged I take a picture of him pretending to study. We also stopped by the courtyard, where we sat to relax and take in the perfect day.

Embroidered Polkadot Drop Waist Dress - sz S, Tailored // VERY J [SIMILAR 1, SIMILAR 2] • Sandal Wedges - sz 5 // FOREVER 21 [SIMILAR 1, SIMILAR 2 - EXTRA 20% off!] • Minuit Rose Gold 33mm // CLUSE

Following the library, we went to the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum [go early, it gets crowded and busy, also don't forget to bring your student ID to get a discount - tickets are $15]. Walking into the  first floor atrium was like traveling back into 1920's Morocco. I honestly felt like it was the movie Secret Garden. Everything was so full of character [as all old places would be] and when looking down from the above floors, so surreal. The architecture is beautiful and actually built to look like a hotel in Venice, Italy.

Our last stop, only a fifteen minute walk away from the Isabella Steward Gardner Museum was Fenway Park. Sadly, we didn't have time to catch a game, but we were able to walk around. Be sure to stop by Bleacher Bar, renovated from an old batting cage. You'll be able to see the field right form your table!

For dinner, we went to Metropolis Cafe in South End. A delicious recommendation from one of our local friends and it did not disappoint! When you walk in, I immediately loved the ambience and look of the little restaurant with its white and black tiled floors and wood bar. We ordered the asparagus tartare for an appetizer and it was amazing! For our entrees, I ordered the  mouth-watering spinach stuffed trout and hubby got scallops. Both dishes were winners and it only got better with dessert - flourless chocolate cake with vanilla ice-cream. If you take any of my advice I would say this place is a must besides getting my dress!


  1. Beautiful pictures! And I LOVE your dress ❤️

  2. First of all, Welcome to Boston! I hope you had a nice time :) Second of all - I am in complete awe that you walked over 7 miles in those wedges. You're amazing! Finally, that dress is so cute. Perfect for a hot summer July 4th :)

  3. This dress is SO pretty on you and love the pictures of Boston! I want to travel here so bad!


  4. such a pretty dress, i love the detail on the bottom!


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