Parisian Sights // Striped Long Sleeve + Pixie Ankle Pant


There's no better place than being in Paris! I was here a couple of years ago with the hubby and when he couldn't make it to our annual trip this year, I jumped at the opportunity to go on a girls' trip with Princess Jasmine [aka Momma, doesn't everyone have a nickname for their mom?!] and my sister-in-law. The second time around was just as amazing as the first and even though the same city, it was a completely different experience. I played "tour guide" with the girls and showed them the best the City of Light had to offer.

Thandie Marled Blazer - sz 0 // J. Crew [SIMILAR 1, SIMILAR 2] • Striped Boat Neck Long Sleeve - sz 5 // J. Crew  [SIMILAR 1, SIMILAR 2] • Ankle Pixie Pant - sz 0 // Old Navy • Loafers - sz 5.5 // Abound • Quilted Shoulder Bag // Chanel [SIMILAR] • Ankle Boots // Sperry

Among other pieces that I packed for the trip, I decided to bring a more sophisticated [but comfortable!] ensemble that would adhere to Parisian fashion. I wore this super soft striped long sleeve boat neck top [also seen HERE] and paired it with maroon ankle pixie pants [which were on sale for $15!]. The fit of the pants were just right for a petite with the tapered leg and length, making someone under 5'2" look taller. The outfit is a classic and versatile one, wearing it with blocked heel ankle boots and my favorite marled blazer when it got chilly. I finished the look with a quilted shoulder bag that I used every single day and it even doubled as a camera case [fitting my huge lenses on top of my wallet, cell, etc. // similar - HERE].

Thandie Marled Blazer - sz 0 // J. Crew [SIMILAR 1, SIMILAR 2] • Striped Boat Neck Long Sleeve - sz 5 // J. Crew  [SIMILAR 1, SIMILAR 2] • Ankle Pixie Pant - sz 0 // Old Navy • Loafers - sz 5.5 // Abound • Quilted Shoulder Bag // Chanel [SIMILAR] • Ankle Boots // Sperry

This outfit was the perfect choice with zero complaints from me [just because you're in Paris, doesn't mean you should forget about being rationale on what to wear, especially when walking 10 miles a day]. I scheduled a grueling itinerary that left Princess and Liann demanding rest breaks [LOL!]. Our itinerary consisted of the prettiest and instagram worthy places that are a must-see. If you're planning a trip anytime soon, take note of the list below and the little tidbits I can offer to make your Parisian experience top notch. 

MONTEMARTRE: Area located north of the city where the Sacre Creour, a Roman Catholic church was built in the late 19th Century and has the best 180 degree view of all of Paris.  Loved all the steps leading up to the church where we sat to enjoy breakfast which reminded me so much of the Spanish Steps in Rome.

MOULIN ROUGE: Located about half a mile from the Sacre Creour which was the inspiration from the movie musical with the same name. I really wanted to see the cabaret, but didn't have time—if you do, definitely go see it!

MUSEE d'ORSAY: Probably my favorite museum, because it houses Monet's paintings [my favorite impressionist artist] and Van Gogh. If that isn't enough, the views from inside looking through a giant clock or balcony will win you over.

MUSEE DU LOUVRE:  As you can see by my very first picture, the Louvre is a sight for sore eyes. The outside is as beautifully built as the masterpieces inside. It houses Mona Lisa, Venus de Milo, Code of Hammurabi , and Coronation of Napoleon [clearly my inner nerd came out]. You can spend an entire day here, but when you're finally done, don't forget to get your obligatory gelato and relax at the Jardin des Tuileries located across from the museum.

MUSEE RODIN: The home of the Thinking Man [aka the Thinker] and was previously Hotel Biron. From the second floor windows you will see the colorful garden in the back. There's also a cafe in the gardens with the most amazing veggie curry wrap my sister-in-law became obsessed with.

HOTEL des INVALIDES: Not only is it the home of Napoleon Bonaparte's tomb, but it's also a hospital for war veterans. When you walk in, make your way to the back and go down the steps where you'll see a church, a closer look at Napoleon's tomb, and a crypt.

NOTRE-DAME de PARIS: No Quasimodo here, but it is one of the prettiest gothic architectures I've ever seen. The intricate details of the pitches and gargoyles surrounding the church makes it so artistic and timeless. Don't forget to admire the famous rose window that defines skillfull talent at its finest. Across from the church itself is the crypt, where historical artifacts were found dating back to 2000 years ago!

Get a Paris CityVision  2-Day Museum Pass [$60 USD] and it will let you in to over 50 museums, including the ones I mentioned. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask by leaving a comment or emailing me. Be on the look out for future posts about my epic trip! 

Thandie Marled Blazer - sz 0 // J. Crew [SIMILAR 1, SIMILAR 2] • Striped Boat Neck Long Sleeve - sz 5 // J. Crew  [SIMILAR 1, SIMILAR 2] • Ankle Pixie Pant - sz 0 // Old Navy • Abound Loafers - sz 5.5 // Abound • Quilted Shoulder Bag // Chanel [SIMILAR] • Ankle Boots // Sperry

Style Tip: When wearing any kind of coat, make sure to pull out your sleeves  as shown below to add a contrast and showcase the pretty print.


  1. OMG Paris looks gorgeous and so do you! I love your outfit!!! You're beautiful as always Jasper!

  2. Aw Linda thank you - Paris is amazing! You should totally plan a trip, I'll babysit your puppy. :)

  3. The perfect outfit for a day in Paris :) I've been to Paris once, but it was way too short to cover all the goodness there. Will have to go back one day :)

  4. Amazing photos! I love Paris! Your outfit is perfect with the stripes, you fit right in! ☺️

  5. Thank you so much Amy! I love stripes and probably looked so cliche walking around Paris!

  6. Thank you Alexandra! I so agree, I didn't think I'd go back so soon but I was glad I did - definitely worth another trip!


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