Ann Arbor Easter // My First Pink Dress..EVER

This year we decided that we would take advantage of all the holidays and weekends to go on mini vacations. For Easter holiday, we went to Ann Arbor! This weekend was full of many firsts—my first time in the charming city and wore my first PINK dress..EVER! 

If you know me, you would know that since I was able to dress myself, I refused to wear the color pink [all because my parents wouldn't let me have that blue Mickey Mouse]. Now that I've become a blogger, I decided to take some risks and everyone should be proud when I say that I now own three pink pieces of clothing since I started Kee Pieces [cue the applause].

I got lucky that my first pink dress is not only beautiful, but it's a dress that means so much more. My Alyce Off Shoulder Dress is made by the brand For Alles, created by one amazing woman, Julie-Anne. I love the brand because it stands for positivity and confidence in a time in which society expects you to 'fit' in a specific category and 'too bad if you don't' kind of mentality. For Alles' mission is to reshape this kind of thinking through the clothing they make. To top it off, the fit is perfect and the georgette fabric has great quality. 

Depending on how you like to wear your sleeves they may feel long. Since the sleeves are elastic, I decided to place them at the elbow and tucked the excess fabric in the front to shorten them [from pictures you don't even notice the extra fabric! Kee Pieces styled!].

Ann Arbor is the home of University of Michigan, so there's no doubt its' streets were filled with delicious eateries and adventures. The first thing we did when we arrived was stop by Sweetwaters Cafe to get some coffee and treats while simultaneously starting our Fairy Door Tour [Ann Arbor is filled with cute little fairy doors in random stores and streets].

Notice the fairy door in the bottom right? This one we found at the Red Shoes trinket store.

This one we found at the Ann Arbor District Library and is my favorite! We found it in the youth section and if you look through the windows of the fairytale titled books you can even see a mini chair, table, ottoman, and clothes. The lamp inside was even turned on, it was so cute! 

If you remember a few posts back, I blogged about the Graduate Hotel and how I fell in love with the one in Madison, Wisconsin. When I found out they had one in Ann Arbor, I instantly jumped at the chance to stay at this one based on my previous experience. Graduate Ann Arbor did not disappoint with their service and hospitality. It clearly shows their pride in the brand and I applaud them for it because I had a memorable time!

As you can tell by the decor, it differs from the Madison in that they decided to make all the rooms' walls darker with a textured feel. The decor was mainly wood based to achieve a more traditional collegiate look [as if you were in the college's great hall or library].

One of my favorites about the hotel was the restaurant—Allen Rumsey Supper Club  [obviously, knowing me, it's food related!]. Stepping into this room made me feel nostalgic for a place the Rat Pack would have had their nightly hangouts. The restaurant was fully equipped with a refurbished 50's juke box, neon lights, and leather tufted club chairs.

The food was even better with appetizers like the Lazy Susan and Lobster Cocktail, as well as the Caesar salad made table side and dishes like the the Lake Superior White Fish. What sealed the deal for me was the s'mores dessert, it was heaven wrapped in homemade marshmallow, chocolate mousse, and graham crackers that hinted of Biscoff butter cookies.

Looking at my first day in Ann Arbor and the Graduate already makes me want to plan another trip back. It's such a charming city and a great place to stay [especially since it is strategically located in the heart of downtown]. Now, I'm just patiently waiting for the Graduate in Seattle to get built and I'll be on a jet plane faster than you can say ice-cream.


  1. What a cool hotel room. That pink dress is absolutely darling!!! I t looks like you had a wonderful Easter weekend!!


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