Jersey Kind Of Brunch

Is there any other day better than Sunday? It's the one day I'm  not running around doing errands, having a photo shoot, or keeping up with a social calendar. A day that I can sleep in an extra hour, relax, and do absolutely nothing. But the most important reason as to why I love Sundays so much—it's my brunch day!

My husband and  I have a running tradition that we would go to a new brunch spot in the city every Sunday until we've tried them all [obviously not going to happen]. No matter where we go he likes to order the traditional breakfast and see how it differs—I think it's silly but he's actually right, every diner or restaurant has their own unique way that makes the flavor change.

Besides brunch, I love a free day without plans, which also includes not having any pre-styled outfits to wear. Would you be surprised if I said I put this outfit together in five minutes? We were in a hurry to try to make it to this new delicious Mexican restaurant that just started serving brunch and had to be out the door in a jiffy. In keeping with my Sunday relaxed theme, I grabbed this soft jersey dress [sweatpants in disguise] and heeled boots to dress it up. I added leggings and military fit-and-flare coat to keep me warm from the frozen tundra and finished the look with my new favorite mirror sunglasses and a pompom beanie. I didn't realize how much I loved the look until my hubby snapped a photo. The best part is that it was so comfortable!