OTK Boots Review - Sam Edelman / Carlos Santana

Just because winter is almost over doesn't mean you can't wear boots. This isn't the same as the no white after Labor Day rule [which no one follows]. The OTK trend [Over The Knee] started when Julia Roberts donned these babies in Pretty Woman and it looks like it's not going anywhere. As you may know, when I become obsessed with a piece I usually buy two or three of them in various colors and OTKs are no exception. I bought two similar but different boots by Sam Edelman and Carlos Santana [yes, the musician] and wanted to share my thoughts. 

When I found these boots perusing Nordstrom Rack, I thought I struck gold! The moment I tried these on, I felt like Cinderella in her glass slippers [no exaggeration].

Details: It has a soft stretch suede [23 in. shaft, 8 in. calf circumference], flat heel [3/4 inch], bottom inner zipper, round toe, and toggle top tie. 

Sizing/Fit: I normally wear a size 5.5 in boots, but these are a size 6. The sizing was fine for me because I like to wear thick socks with boots and these had a narrower toe [get half a size up - if you don't want your toes to feel squished]. Although it's made of stretch suede, it was still loose on my legs. The toggle top is a nice feature to help with keeping the boots at thigh height. 

Quality: These boots usually run for $175 but got them for $100. They are currently on sale at Macy's and SamEdelman.com. These are great quality boots and the suede is so soft! I also like the inner zipper so I can reach in and adjust my jeans [let's be honest OTK boots makes them bunch up]. You get what you pay for with these boots and now that they're on sale there's no excuse not to get them. 

There I was minding my own business walking down the aisle and these jumped in front of me and said "BUY ME NOW", how could I say no?

Details: These are faux stretch suede [21.5 in. shaft, 8 in. calf circumference], wrapped block heel [3.5 inch], bottom inner zipper, and round toe.

Sizing/Fit: I also bought these in a size 6. Again, it's because I wear thick socks and hate the feeling of squished toes. These were snug around my legs and thigh more than the Sam Edelman [they weren't tight - it just felt more "fitted"]. I really like how slim it was because it reminded me of the fit of the coveted Stuart Weitzman Highlander Boots. The block heel wasn't excessively too tall, just perfect for a shorty like me. 

Quality: These boots usually run for $100 but got them for $40. They are currently on sale at Macy's [plus 15% off with code PRES]. Although the suede isn't as soft [well obviously, they're faux, but no one can really tell] they're comparable to the Sam Edelman OTKs and for cheaper. Even if these are more "fitted" I do have to readjust and pull them up [be realistic - what do you think would happen when you walk around in OTKs?]. The best part about these are the thick block heel which add to the height without the hurt.

Both of these boots are a deal especially if you're shopping for OTKs to add to your closet collection [definitely a must-have staple piece!]. I hope my reviews helped - let me know which one [or both!] you get and how the fit is for you. 


  1. how tall are you? I just bought these boots and am curious of how they fit on tall women. I'm 5'9

  2. Hi Janiah! I’m short - 5’2”. What size do you wear?

  3. Ah ok! the Carlos santana Rumer boots look so nice on you!! I'm afraid they'll probably only reach as far as my knees!! :( I read some other reviews that say they might not be the best for us taller gals. I wear a size 10.

  4. I wear a 5-6. I feel that the shoe size is proportionate to the length. I usually order 2-3 different sizes, keep the one that best fits me and return the rest. :)


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