To The Maxi.

What's the best way to beat the summer heat? Dresses! My go to pieces are dresses made from light fabric because let's face it, wearing anything else will make you sweat in a hot minute. Dresses that make it in my summer wardrobe must pass two of my requirements [as previously mentioned in my last post]—it flows when I walk and pockets. The flow test makes it certifiably light and as a result increases air circulation thereby keeping you cool [hmm..sounds like one of my research papers from grad school]. Obviously, my second requirement is it has pockets. Every girl knows how important they are!

Luckily, Banana Republic had another sale and I couldn't resist getting this maxi dress. It is the epitome of comfort and it was 40% off! There were two color options—blue or green. I chose the green because it was a lighter shade I can wear for all four seasons, plus green matches with everything. You know me, I'm always trying to get more use out of my pieces.

Since the fit of maxi dresses are usually loose and flowy [yes, that's a word], I decided to style it with a skinny braided belt [$5.99!] to add a little more form and shape. You can always wear a thicker belt if you prefer, but I felt it was too bulky for me. I paired this ensemble with my Old Navy sandals to get a more summer casual look, however, when Fall comes I'll be matching it with my ankle booties and a scarf. This look was topped off by my favorite matte rouge lipstick from NYX, [also seen here] of course to add my pop of color in every outfit.