Going Bananas.

Picking out the perfect dress can be challenging, especially if you have specific preferences and how you plan to wear it. I don't have a process but I do look at trends and what's available for me to choose from. For example, this summer season's it color is yellow. So typically I went bananas over this Banana Republic reverse pleated dress [SIMILAR] I just got. Any dress that's colorful, comfortable, and has pockets belongs in my collection [clearly, I've got a few requirements].

I love bright colors because it always lifts my mood and it has to be comfortable, because let's face it, how often are the words comfort and dress synonymous? Lastly, pockets on a dress are essential, this way I don't have to ask the hubby to hold anything for me. This dress [SIMILAR] has obviously met all my requirements, not to mention the cut reminds me of a timeless piece from the 1940s. Now, bright dresses should be paired with subtle colored sandals so as to not take away from your statement piece. I paired it with patent stilleto heels, keeping it simple yet flirty. 

Dresses should also be versatile enough that you can choose to wear it to a formal or casual event and I plan on wearing this with my Old Navy t-strap sandals to the beach.  I used a touch of red lipstick, my favorite is NYX, to add depth and femininity to the look I was going for; of course I was attempting to embody the glamour of the 1940s. If you're in need of a dress, I would start with Banana Republic, it's my [not so secret] go to place because they have so many options and constantly have great sales! Plus, most of their dresses have pockets [just saying..]!


  1. Gorgeous dress- the colour looks great on you ☺️

  2. […] make it in my summer wardrobe must pass two of my requirements [as previously mentioned in my last post]—it flows when I walk and pockets. The flow test makes it certifiably light and as a result […]


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