Santorini On My Mind.

Santorini might be a small southern island in the Aegean Sea but it sure boasts a plethora of activities and beautiful vistas. I can even say it's of the one of the best trips I've ever had! Since Italy was such a busy trip, the bonus of Santorini was the feeling of a separate trip full of relaxation.

DAY 1—We arrived at our villa in Firostefani with breathtaking views of the caldera. I specifically chose to stay in this villa for the window and balcony views high above the cliffs. I changed into my favorite summer dress [it has pockets and it's on sale!] and espadrilles, both a necessity for any beach trip, before taking a stroll into town [take the cliff route instead of the road route, it's a better view]. We had dinner at Zafora, a restaurant half-way between Firostefani and Fira. Be sure to try Santorini's seafood dishes, they're amazing! Also, take the time to enjoy the cool summer nights—the hubby and  I spent the rest of the night on our balcony [him enjoying a glass of wine, me with a delicious scoop of gelato].

DAY 2—We woke up early and took the nine mile hike to Oia [it took a little under three hours, make sure to bring a water bottle, snacks, and heavy duty sunblock]. Oia is amazing with it's marble sidewalks and the famous three blue dome church that you see in all the popular photos. It has amazing shopping and since it's far from the city and therefore cheaper. After lunch, we decided to take the public bus back [be sure to have exact change]. For dinner we went to the BEST restaurant I have been to in Europe—Volcano Blue. The waiters were very accommodating [they even brought me a blanket during dinner as it was chilly out]. I got the seafood pasta, which I have never tasted pasta so delicious in my life. If you ever visit Santorini, do yourself a favor and treat yourself to deliciousness.

DAY 3—We did yoga on the lower terrace [after the hike the day before it was a must]. Next to the hotel was a brunch spot called Galini, the eggs benedict were to die for and the view wasn't bad either. We went into town and rented an ATV to take to Akrotiri [Aaron loved it and made getting around easy without having to wait for public transportation]. We spent the rest of the day stopping at each beach [which wasn't anything compared to the cliffs and hightop views of the caldera but still worth seeing—especially when they have a yummy 'granita' [slushy] stand next to them. For dinner we went to Remvi near the hotel, Aaron loved his seafood pasta and also because our waiter mentioned Lebron James [Aaron is a huge Cavs fan].

If you're planning a European getaway you won't go wrong with Santorini or Greece for that matter. It literally has made it to the top of my list [yes, even above my other favorite, Paris]. No matter which way you turn, you constantly have a panoramic view of paradise and it never gets old.