Rainy Days.

Henri Bendel High Top Cream Wellies [SIMILAR] | sz 6 • Arizona Maroon Leggings | sz S • Pink Rose Knit Sweater [SIMILAR] | sz XS, 40% off! Forever 21 Scoop Neck Cami | sz XS

 Today is the first day of summer and it so happens it's also June Gloom! Just because it's summer doesn't mean you should store your rain boots away. The best thing about summer showers is that I get to pull out my cute wellies aka galoshes! We've come to an era where any article of clothing is no longer a substance, it becomes a style. Same goes for these boots. Not only are these trendy but they're durable and can also be worn during the winter, all you need to do is get boot socks to line the inside and voilà, you've got yourself a pair of cozy winter boots. You know I always preach versatility with the pieces you collect for your wardrobe and this post isn't any different. It's also thick and waterproof, which means your little toes stay warm and dry.
I know it looks like I'm dressed for fall [wishful thinking, it's my favorite season!] but I get cold easily. At least my sweater is thin enough that I'm not boiling hot. I added a fitted cami to add some depth and length to the sweater. Adding the maroon leggings also helped with depth as well as making itself pop in an ensemble full of neutrals. Not bad for a casual day for some backyard activities.


  1. Hot and cool your Outfit....wonderful. I like to see Girls with Wellie-boots. Greetings Peter


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